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Knowing HIV & AIDS Infection Early

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AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, which means a group of diseases which arise due to decreased immunity / endurance. While HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that causes AIDS. HIV infection is distinguished from AIDS in terms of time period and the occurrence of symptoms. A person is said to be suffering from HIV infection when the body was discovered the HIV virus (through blood tests), but not yet showing symptoms of the disease. Someone was diagnosed with AIDS when his body was found in the HIV virus and have shown symptoms of the disease due to a decrease in his / her immunity.

People infected with HIV usually do not show specific symptoms, just a feeling of fatigue, frequent cough, colds or respiratory infections, sometimes accompanied by enlarged lymph nodes. This condition lasts up to 5-10 years. During this period, the HIV virus lowers the immune system by destroying CD4 cells, which is one of the cells that play an important role in immunity. When the number of CD4 cells is not sufficient then the various types of bacterial or viral infection will easily infect others. As a result, began to emerge various complaints of diseases caused by a decrease in immunity. The variety of diseases complaints as a syndrome. Some of the symptoms of the disease that often occurs in people with AIDS include: long cough (> 3 weeks), fever, prolonged diarrhea, weight loss, shortness of breath, a fungal infection of the mouth and throat, and another infections.

The HIV viruses are most founded on the blood, vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk. HIV transmission occurs through four ways, namely:
(1). Through the use of hypodermic needles innings,
(2). Unsafe sexual relations,
(3). Through the process of childbirth and mother's breast milk,
(4). Blood transfusion.

To know the HIV status of someone, client / patient should go through the stages of HIV counseling and testing. Globally, an estimated half of people living with HIV do not know his / her HIV status. The purpose of counseling and HIV testing is to be able to identify people living with HIV as soon as possible and providing access to care, treatment and prevention.

HIV counseling and testing should following the globally principles that namely 5 basic components or 5C (informed consent; confidentiality; counseling; correct test
results; connections to care, treatment and prevention services).

5C principle should be applied to all models VCT services.

1. Informed Consent, is approval will be an act of laboratory tests of HIV given by the patient / client or guardian after getting and understanding the explanation which is given by health workers about medical treatment.

2. Confidentiality, is the All contents information or counseling between clients and inspectors or counselors and laboratory test results will not be disclosed to other parties without consent of the patient / client. Confidentiality can be distributed to health care providers that will treat patients for the health care benefit, according to indications of disease.

3. Counselling,is a process of dialogue between the counselor and client aims to provide information that is clear and understandable to the client or patient. Counselors provide information,time, attention and expertise, to help clients to learn their self,recognize and perform troubleshooting on the given environmental constraints.HIV counseling services must be fitted with HIV and AIDS information, good quality of pre testing counseling,Post test counseling and testing.

4. Correct test results. The test results must be accurate. HIV testing should follow the national standard regulations of HIV testing. The test results must be communicated as soon as possible
to the patient / client in person by health worker who give the HIV testing.

5. Connections to, care, treatment and prevention services. Patient / client should be connected or referred to prevention, care, support and treatment of HIV-supported with a good referral system and monitored.
Implementation of HIV counseling and testing, is a service to find out their HIV infection a person's body. This service can be held in government health services and the private sector. HIV counseling and testing preceded by a dialogue between the client / patient and counselor / health worker with the purpose of providing information about HIV and AIDS and improve decision making related to HIV testing.

Do not be afraid to take HIV tests especially if ever do risk of HIV infection. Let's take an HIV counseling and testing before it's too late. You can come to our clinic namely Rijasa VCT Clinic Puskesmas Kuta I. We provide VCT examination and the cost about IDR 165.000. You can waiting about 1 hour for the result.


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